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The Dunder Chiefs

The official website of the folk / bluegrass trio from Rock Hill, South Carolina.


The Band

The Dunder Chiefs were created after the the lead singer (Will Thompson) and the bassist ("Nog" Michael Linog) ended their previous band "Polar War". When Nog's brother (Tony Linog) moved in to town and started singing, Will picked up the acoustic guitar and Nog began playing the banjo. The band was formed.

After their first show in their hometown of Rock Hill they started a small following of fans that quickly spread the word about their talent and live showmanship. They occasionally play full band with bass player Kerry Walters, mandolin player Chase Kilough, drummer Martin Patrick and Patrick Shaw on guitar.

The Dunder Chiefs' first EP, "Galaxy Bound", was recorded in Charleston with producer Steven Walker back in June of 2012.

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